What to Expect

On Arrival

Ideally you should aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before your first appointment to complete a consent form. This includes details of your GP, medical history and any medications that you may be on.

If you have a long list of medications, it may be worth bringing your repeat prescription list.

If you are using a health insurance policy, you will require the details of your policy. Please see the Price List for more information.

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Subjective Assessment

The first part of your appointment involves taking a detailed history of your injury/condition. It can be worth thinking about these questions below, as often people forget details when put on the spot!

  • When did the problem start?
  • Was there a specific date/injury or did it come on gradually?
  • Where exactly is your pain – is it one spot or does it spread elsewhere?
  • What makes your pain worse/better?
  • Have you attended a GP, consultant or A & E?
  • Are you on medication? Is it helping?
  • Are you wakening due to pain?

We will also discuss your occupation, lifestyle, current activities/sports and how these may be impacting on your condition. We can discuss if any changes need to be made to aid your recovery.

Subjective Assessment

Physical Examination

Once we have a detailed history, we then need to examine the area. We start by looking at your posture/stance/gait (if appropriate) and will then concentrate on the specific area causing you the problem.

For a lower back/lower limb problem it can be worth bringing a pair of shorts with you.

For neck, upper back or upper limb problems we will often require your top off. For ladies, if you feel uncomfortable, we can sometimes work around a strappy vest. Please be reassured that at all times we will respect your privacy and make sure that you are comfortable.

Physical Examination

Diagnosis & Discussion

After your assessment we will discuss the findings, and in most cases, a likely diagnosis. We will discuss the treatment options and, if you are in agreement, will go ahead with your treatment. You will have a chance to ask questions throughout.

If you require further investigations (such as an X-Ray, MRI Scan) or onward referral (e.g GP, orthopaedic consultant, podiatrist), this will also be discussed with you fully.


Treatment Implementation

We will always try to start your treatment programme on your first appointment. In addition to hands on treatment, this is likely to include advice and exercises to continue at home. Please refer to the Treatments section for more detailed information on the treatments we offer.

Treatment Implementation